Is Step One Really that Simple?

is step one really that simple

We all have reached the point in our lives that seem pointless. I am in that road right now. Starting a blog became even hard to do because I felt like this yellow fish from finding nemo. Everytime something new comes along, I end up dropping everything and focus on another project for a few days. What is amazing is it always brings me to the same thing. Imagine A yoyo or a wheel   The common analogy of both these objects is it always goes back to the beginning. If we were meant for something different, we will always go back to that particular point of our lives and...

Spring Silk flower Centerpiece Project

Flower vase Centerpiece thumbnail

Hi Everyone! When your a military wife, it is nice to take advantage of those moments to rekindle sparks of romance over and over. My mom always tells me life is what you make it. So why not use those the distance between you and spouse (literal) and plan the best welcome home present. Now I am not talking about spending tons of money on a gift. It can be cooking his favorite dish, clean the house or prepare a hot bath for him. This in itself is the most wonderful gift he will ever received. The military environment is a stressful enough environment that homut e is the only...