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Hi Everyone!

When your a military wife, it is nice to take advantage of those moments to rekindle sparks of romance over and over. My mom always tells me life is what you make it. So why not use those the distance between you and spouse (literal) and plan the best welcome home present. Now I am not talking about spending tons of money on a gift. It can be cooking his favorite dish, clean the house or prepare a hot bath for him. This in itself is the most wonderful gift he will ever received. The military environment is a stressful enough environment that homut e is the only thing he/she will think about to relieve the stress.

I know the title for this post is off but I promise that it is related to what I’m leading to. When my husband left for his three day weekend to ft. Benjamin, I thought about a idea to surprise him. I have wanting to start a series of dining table centerpieces for my blog and I keep pushing it back. I am not expert but I believe our ideas a worth trying. So here is my idea for a centerpiece.


Flower Centerpiece

It is amazing what you find at dollar tree. It is what I needed for my budget plus my husband would only think about what it looks like versus how much it is. The only thing I didn’t purchase there was the runner. We bought this back when we use to live in El Paso. Everything else is a dollar store find.

Flower Vase Centerpeice

Here is what I bought for this idea:

1 clear glass vase

1 Baby’s breath stem

1 Tiger lily stem

1 Hydrangea stem

1 Gypsophile stem

1 cattail stem

1 bag of clear glass gems

Flower Vase Centerpiece petal sizes

The rule of thumb is take notice of the choice of flowers. Color scheme and petal size is important since each flower should complement each other.  Always add glass gems or other weight fillers to keep your vase from tipping over.It also holds the flower stems in place.

My color combination is green and white which is still considered monochromatic.  It is inspired by the floral design institute summer trend. The difference is I am using the simple vertical. I am using the basic line arrangement to give each flower a place to shine.

This was a fun project to do together with dining table arrangement. I will do the demo on the table arrangement soon! Please do keep a look out on my new spring posts every week.


P.S. My husband was definitely surprise. He was even more surprise I found it all in the dollar store. To my surprise also he  brought popeye’s for dinner. My fave chicken restaurant. It was a treat!


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