Is Step One Really that Simple?

is step one really that simple

We all have reached the point in our lives that seem pointless. I am in that road right now. Starting a blog became even hard to do because I felt like this yellow fish from finding nemo.

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Everytime something new comes along, I end up dropping everything and focus on another project for a few days. What is amazing is it always brings me to the same thing. Imagine

A yoyo

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or a wheel

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The common analogy of both these objects is it always goes back to the beginning. If we were meant for something different, we will always go back to that particular point of our lives and reminds us to never forget. Everything does happen for a reason. You did not think about this epitome if it weren’t for that mid life crisis or trouble at work. We needed that push to bring us to that point.

If you ever play console games like donkey kong country or something similar, you would know as long as you reach that barrel, you don’t need to restart the game or episode even after you die (unless you ran out of life in the game). Anyways, just like the game, we were destined to take that job or me writing this post to understand where we are suppose to be. From this, we take a chance, slowly retrace our steps and begin the process of closing the current chapter in order to move on to a new one.

I am in the point in life that I know I need to change and things around me must also follow through. So I begin with a pen and paper. I write what needs to stay, change or improve on. Sometimes we think step one is so easy that we do not take the time to improve it and move on to step two.

So step one. walk through the step. Give yourself time to gather information. Tell yourself that moving slow is not bad. Make a list, check it twice. It is not merely a song. It is a “gathering point” or whatever you want to call it. Do not underestimate the power of organization. Even though many would say we need chaos but honestly we need to organize to gather our thoughts. I do not know about you but my mind itself is full of chaos. I need to calm myself down in order for me emanate it physically.

For example, I start sweeping the floor in the kitchen. All of the sudden I look at the sink and see the dishes. I drop my broom and do the dishes then I look at the clock and realize its time to make lunch. I drop that and start prepping. As a proceed, I added more dirty dishes so I start washing dishes again. It is a endless “sick” cycle of disorganization and distrust.

Step one is not the only problem. We need to believe we can accomplish anything. We need to focus and start with the first step. Another obvious factor is distraction like tv, phone, internet and games.

So as I end this post (and edit it), I will start what I set out to do today. Get my pen and paper and begin my step one journey. I encourage you to do the same thing.

See you in my next post.


Monica Bolderson

I’m Doing It!

NOTE: Images brought you by find nemo by disney, clipart kid, and public domain-picture. I do not claim the rights to ownership of any kind to these images.

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